DR 1 – Mosquito spray (microencapsulated, broad-spectrum)

Approved in Sweden, Norway and Spain

A modern mosquito spray shall have a high safety factor and protect
against a broad spectrum of insects. It shall not feel uncomfortable when applied on the skin and shall be as odourless as possible. The substance shall be compatible with textiles, plastics and coatings.

Icaridin (Saltidin), meeting with these demands, has therefore been chosen as active substance (19,4% by weight) in our microencapsulated mosquito spray DR 1. Application fields: Humans, Horses and Pets.

In the 1980-ies Bayer began working on a theoretical model of a perfect repellent, a project based on all their experience and knowledge through the years. Gradually, the substance Icaridin (Saltidin) was developed and registered in 1998. Today, Icaridin (Saltidin) is approved in many countries all over the world.
NDC AB has invented its own technique for the microencapsulation process of Icaridin (Saltidin), combining state of the art-technology with a modern substance.

Microencapsulation offers the following advantages:
– Strong reduction of dermal absorption of active substance
Pls note that Icaridin (Saltidin) already has a low absorption rate
– Permits constant, regular flow of active substance which provides long-lasting protection
– Water-based, no other chemicals are involved
– Reduced risk of over-dosing

The microcapsules are equal in size to our red blood cells (4-7 micron, 1 micron=1/1000 mm). Invisible to the human eye, they consist of a kernel of active substance and an outer shell made of food grade polymers. The shell is porous and permits a constant and regular release of active substance, which guarantees a prolonged repelling effect. Simultaneously, the shell hinders the substance to be freely absorbed through the skin. Practically, this means a minimal absorption compared to conventional application of liquid mosquito sprays with ethanol which enhances dermal absorption . The microcapsules lie in a water solution. Slight scent of perfume.
Oriented studies of DR 1 show:

– 100% protection during 8 hrs on skin against the mosquito Aedes aegypti (yellow fever, dengue fever) and
Anopheles gambiae (malaria)
– 100% repellency during 6 days against Aedes aegypti on impregnated cotton cloth
– 100% repellency during 6 hrs against nymphal ticks of Ixodes ricinus on impregnated filter paper
Studies performed by Walborg Thorsell, Docent in experimental parasitology.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency approved DR 1 for human purpose on April 28, 2008 for protection against mosquitoes, midges and horseflies and reduced risk of tick´s bite. Reg No 4830. Extended approval for horses. No waiting period is needed for horses before competition.

”Icaridin has been reported in studies on humans to have effect against the following mosquito species; Anopheles, Aedes spp, Armigeres spp, Culex spp, Mansonia sp and Culicoides impuntatus. 20% by weight Icaridin also reduces the risk of tick´s bite (Ixodes ricinus, larvae, nymphs and adults).
– Swedish Chemicals Agency

DR 1 does not contain substances classified as hazardous to environment or health. Non -flammable. Do not use mosquito spray on children under the age of 3, where protection with mosquito net is recommended. Store at room temperature. Shake slightly before use.

According to our knowledge, DR 1 should be classified as one of the technologically most advanced and most efficient low risk mosquito sprays on the market today.

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