Även i de mest utmanande miljöer tillåter DR 1 dig att koppla av ostörd.
Inga orosmoment under surfandet. 🙂



DR 1 – microencapsulated icaridin in water solution on hair straw
Copyright NIM Distribution Center AB



DR 1 – Microcapsules compared to our red blood cells.
(4-7 microns. 1 micro = 1/1000 mm)

Copyright NIM Distribution Center AB



Microcapsules in water solution



Sceneries from a banana plantation in Central America 2015

DR 1 protects Maria in Costa Rica from dengue, malaria, yellow fever and zika.
(See our studies performed with DR 1 on Aedes aegypti and Anopheles gambiae)
Our products for export have labels with combined information in Spanish and English

Application of DR1. Photo published in the Swedish magazine “Hästfocus”, issue 6/7 – 2011


Little school girl in Uganda testing Mygg & Sånt


Neem oil is one of the ingredients in this toothpaste


Horse in Costa Rica before and after one week’s treatment with neem oil


Sceneries from the Neem plantation, Costa Rica, Nov 2008


Sceneries from the Costanim Plantation


Flowers and fruits of the Neem tree


Years of  personal experience of  DR 1  against yellow fever, zika, dengue, malaria etc in  Costa Rica.